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iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the world. We all know that. But what makes it even a greater phone arethe plenty of apps that you can download on this phone. Over the past many years, we have seen some of the best iPhone apps that topped the app market and filled the gossip columns of many technology magazines. Some of them deserve a mention here:

Google iphone
We all need Google in our daily lives. The word Google has become synonymous with knowledge. With this tool, you canget timely information about anything in the world. The Google app is the mobile version of the search engine giant that serves as your virtual assistant and guides you about everything whether you need smartphone reviews or need information about assignment writing service.

Sweatcoins App
We all want a desirable physique and this app makes it easier for people to achieve that goal. Sweatcoins helps you keeps tabs on your daily fitness goals and you can earn a coin that you can redeem to get rewards, such as afitness gear, shoe, or even an iPhone X.

Noted App
As its name suggests, Noted is anapp for the users to make important notes. With help of this audio recording tool, users can record an entire interview,lecture, and meeting. Whether a user wants to type a note or record it, the app will automatically record the time of the action and will show them under the “Time Tags” section. The entire data gets synched on the iCloud which is a cloud-based app and saves data in real-time.

Google Maps Ios
This is a nifty app for travelers who fear getting lost in their journey. With Google Maps, they are reassured that they will reach their destination in a timely manner. Thisapp is particularly helpful for drivers who want to get a hassle-free journey.

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